Underestimated Productivity Technique

Everyone would like to be extremely productive. Nevertheless, our productivity rate often depends on our mood and other factors. As for me, I have tried numerous techniques to boost my productivity, but only now I can share with you my conclusions to be drawn.

First of all, do not believe that an icy shower or an extra cup of coffee can increase your productivity rate at times. This is the most popular misconception that good habits and time-management life hacks can complement your everyday task performance.

Well, time planning together with self-discipline is a thing but you see, sometimes we spend so much time on our workday management and other useless things. I can write down some additional tasks into my day-planner and that’s all. It means that productivity does not depend on my time-management capabilities.

Maybe I will make some kind of discovery. However, there are only two steps to take:

  • Assume your typical work position (In front of the laptop, at a table in the office, etc.).
  • Do at least one tiny thing that approaches you to your task accomplishment.

You might be impressed but this short two-step guide will boost your productivity for sure. It is high time for explanation. This technique is not simple because we are into the habit to do something instead of important tasks. For instance, I often have an itch to do sports, browsing in the net, and chat with friends when my deadlines get fried.

One day I decided to follow the above-listed recommendations about work positions and small things to do. I make no secret of the fact that it was difficult to sit at the table and start real work done. But in a week of a constant proceeding, I saw an awesome result. I accomplished twice more tasks without sleepless nights and stress.

Just start work out your productivity habit. Get up, sit down, and work. No gadgets, social networks, and idle talks. Begin to build your ideal plan of acting, having woken up and written down your first words!